Chamber Music by the Sea

August 17-22, 2020

A note from our Artistic Director:

We at Chamber Music by the Sea are very much hoping that all this COVID-19 craziness will be resolved by August and that our little festival will be on its feet and ready to welcome you all. That being said, everything in the world is obviously changing by the minute, as you are all well aware by now. I am choosing to believe that from a public health point of view, we will be allowed to gather in larger groups again by August. What does worry me slightly is whether the foundations we usually receive support and funding from will be buried themselves. We are hoping that by the time August rolls around, everyone will be sick of Netflix and desperate to hear some beautiful music in person, to heal and reflect and celebrate together. If you can help in any way, large or small, please send a message using the form on the Contact page, and let's see if we can figure out ways to keep Chamber Music by the Sea 2020 afloat together.

With all best wishes and gratitude,

Elena x

March 21, 2020